“Money Magic: The Alchemy of Financial Freedom” by Cat Howell

"Money Magic: The Alchemy of Financial Freedom" by Cat Howell

"Gone are the days where money burns your world to flames. When you know the commands of the dragon, you know how to compel forth its treasure.

Step into an astral plane where a great beast roams. Treasure or flames — both are in its nature.

A mythical tale of money and how that works perfectly well in your favour. Paralleled by the author's story and a practical guide to help you turn financial reds into greens.

Whether you are facing looming debt, plateauing at a certain income level, recovering from past failures, or simply desire to support loved ones or enhance your lifestyle, the principles within will help you to achieve that which you desire.

Possibly the most unorthodox book on money and wealth building you will ever encounter."