“Science, Subtle Energies, and Spirituality: A Path to I AM” by Jerry Gin

"Science, Subtle Energies, and Spirituality: A Path to I AM" by Jerry Gin

"Subtle energies — does that sound too "woo-woo", not the province of real science? Yet behind the scenes, brilliant minds have been dedicated to finding out what lies behind what's apparent in the universe-and how this can enhance our lives and our understanding of who we really are.

Dr. Jerry Gin has had a lifelong passion for science, even founding businesses based on his knowledge of chemistry. But he's also had a lifelong calling to understand the workings of the universe. This has led him to wonderful adventures in science and spirituality, discoveries that turn our understanding of matter on its head. His research shows that we all have the capacity to sense invisible forces—subtle energies—which benefit us even more once we become conscious of them. Whether it's raising the quality of our drinking water… harmonizing the negative effects of electromagnetic frequencies… or dowsing to learn which foods, supplements, etc. are good for us, what we really end up discovering is that there's more to life—and to us—than we thought.

Science, Spirituality, and Subtle Energies welcomes us to this invisible-but-potent world, offering not just explanations and illustrations, but also hands-on exercises to experience subtle energies directly, as well as unique affirmations from Joachim Wippich to attune us to our highest (I AM) being. This book is grounded in the scientific view that we don't have to take things on faith but can find out for ourselves. Yet faith opens up, once we know who we are at our most essential level. We are creators; and we can create in harmony with the very nature of the universe-and thereby heal ourselves and the world.

This book has two primary purposes: to (1) reveal our connectedness and so help humanity advance, and (2) provide tools for investigating the hidden world.

Exploring some fascinating ideas and realities about who we really are, what the world really is, what our thoughts can create, how healing can come about, and more, the book's transformative premise is that we are one with the Creative Force in the universe—the I AM—and that our experience of the world can be one of balance, peace, harmony, and love.

Science: Most of us have been raised within a scientific paradigm (involving premises, experiments, and an "I'll believe it when I see it" attitude), so subtle energies may be less familiar. By applying principles of the scientific method to the study of subtle energies, we can receive valuable data and information as to the nature of who we are: our I AM essence.

Subtle energies: The study of subtle energies offers tools to study our vibrational-energy levels. Certain objects, certain states of matter, and magnets can create subtle energies in a space that are called subtle energy fields. This book teaches how to detect and measure them, which helps us come to know the I AM, the heart of our being.

Spirituality: This book views spirituality in the light of the I AM—the essence of who we are, the energy and divinity that flows through all of us and everything. Once you understand the nature of creation, and can feel and test for your own vibrational energies, this becomes self-evident.

When the understanding and embrace of I AM becomes the unifying thread of both science and spirituality, humanity will reach a new stage in evolution. Humans will create with the concept of harmony, balance, and love as the core principles of who we are. We will truly understand our connectedness."