“Candle Magik for Everyone” by David Thompson

"Candle Magik for Everyone" by David Thompson

"Unlock the power of manifesting your deepest desires with Candle Magik for Everyone! In this book, you will discover ancient secrets and simple rituals that will help you attract love, your perfect job, abundance, and more. With easy-to-follow instructions, including a timing table of all new and full moons for the entire decade, you can create a life of joy and abundance.

Benefits of reading Candle Magik for Everyone:
-Find the power to create your own destiny
-Experience a newfound sense of abundance and joy
-Transform your life with the help of magick

What's included in Candle Magik for Everyone:
-Instructions on how to use candles for manifesting
-Timing tables for all new and full moons for the entire decade
-Rituals on attracting love, attracting that perfect job, manifesting abundance, use with the Law of Attraction, Protection and Cleansing, and more!"