“Coin Divination: Pocket Fortuneteller” by Raymond Buckland

"Coin Divination: Pocket Fortuneteller" by Raymond Buckland

"Learn to read fortunes―anytime, anywhere―that are in-depth, precise, and powerful, with nothing more than the coins in your pocket and a copy of Coin Divination by Raymond Buckland.

From the simplest single coin toss to the more complicated I Ching and Tarot readings, you can use coin divination to answer any question or shed light on any dilemma. Answer questions on any subject, including:

Coin Divination is a "pocket fortuneteller", a book small in dimension (to easily fit in your purse or backpack), but packed with practical information and easy-to-use techniques that are fun and can enhance your psychic abilities while providing answers to your questions. Techniques include how to:
·Do a divination when you toss one, two, three, or more coins
·Use a coin as a planchette of a talking board (such as a Ouija)
·Use coin divination to add an interesting twist to your readings by combining their message with that of astrology, Tarot, or dominoes
·Cast coins according to the I Ching
·Use coins of the same or different denominations
·Consecrate and personalize your own coins for divination
·Make your own coins

Everything you need to know in order to do divinations and readings with coins is included in Coin Divination. With just a little practice, you will not only amaze your friends, but you will amaze yourself at just how accurate the coins can be. For an easy and powerful system you can carry in your pocket, get Coin Divination."