“The Name and the Shadow: An Armand Ptolemy Novel” by Mark Jeffrey

"The Name and the Shadow: An Armand Ptolemy Novel" by Mark Jeffrey

"Meet your masters: the mystical artificial intelligences.

Armand Ptolemy's brothers want to cheat him out of his inheritance. Armand, a young man with a unique ability to read hieroglyphs, is caught in a dangerous game of power and manipulation as he uncovers the secrets of an ancient Egyptian AI: Sophia.

He must quickly navigate the hidden world where synchronicity engines, tokenized karma cryptocurrencies, mystical artificial intelligences and corporate greed threaten to destroy everything we hold dear, for profit.

As he delves deeper, he discovers that the future of humanity is at stake. He must act fast. With danger around every corner, this mind blowing tale will linger long after it is finished.

Blending the latest in modern technologies with ancient lore, The Name and the Shadow pits Armand against real sinister forces as he races to uncover his father's history — while falling in love with "living information" made flesh in the beguiling Sophia.

An action adventure packed with speculation on the nature of the latest AI's like ChatGPT, Jungian concepts and our true place in the universe! Join Armand on this astonishing quest into our near future, today."