“Accelerated Manifesting: 7 Hidden Secrets to Supercharge Your Reality, Rapidly Shift Your Identity, and Speed Up the Manifestation of Your Desires” by Ryuu Shinohara

"Accelerated Manifesting: 7 Hidden Secrets to Supercharge Your Reality, Rapidly Shift Your Identity, and Speed Up the Manifestation of Your Desires" by Ryuu Shinohara

"Are your manifestations taking too long to show up? And are you tired of waiting? Divine timing. The idea that everything in the Universe happens in due time. At "just the right moment" without you having any control over it. And that if you haven’t manifested your dreams yet, it’s because you’re "not ready".

To some extent, this is true. Before your desires show up, there needs to be an energetic alignment between you and that desire. And in order to do that, you’re told to "be positive", "visualize it", "go meditate", or "journal". And again, sometimes, this could be good advice, especially if you're just starting off. But what happens when you’ve been at it for weeks, months, or even years, and nothing happens? What then? Do you just keep forever depending on divine timing?

There are many missing links when it comes to Law of Attraction teachings. And one of the biggest ones is knowing how to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. The solution to this, many times, is not about taking more action but about taking the right action.

When you move through life without knowing where you’re going or why you’re doing what you’re doing, it’s like you’re shooting in the dark and blindly hoping things work out. Once you understand the fundamentals covered in this book, you’ll know how to avoid the longer route and put yourself on the fast lane to your desires.

In Accelerated Manifesting, you’ll discover:
Secrets to supercharging your reality and hitting the ‘manifesting gas pedal’. Instantly stimulate change in your environment.
The 3 most important questions you need to ask yourself to calibrate your inner compass. Eliminate doubt in your decision-making.
How to sustain the energy needed to manifest at a consistent and accelerated rate. Generate a limitless amount of “fuel” for your journey.
Techniques for making you more consciously aware of your reality. No longer make choices or take actions like a mindless zombie.
The key to embodying Bruce Lee-like qualities and becoming more receptive to new opportunities, people, and circumstances.
Practices that will overfill your life with more catalysts for growth. Reach your goals sooner than you initially planned.
How to feel connected to everything and find comfort in any situation at any moment. Maximize the potential of your personality.
A simple habit that will overflow your subconscious mind with intuitive insights, mindful optimism, and empowering beliefs.
How to enter the ‘flow of reality’ and find the sweet spot that leads to faster results (the fastlane to manifestations).
What is ‘vibrational momentum’, and how you can use it to boost your progress and make the journey feel effortless.
The #1 reason why your desires take so long to manifest. How to remove the internal weights that stop or slow you down.

And much, much more!

You may feel like "signs from the Universe" are becoming a rare sight. Or like your life is just one big hamster wheel, replaying the same events over and over again. And even if you see no way out, there is one. And applying the principles in this book will guarantee that you find it. Are you ready to shake up your reality and finally start seeing results with the Law of Attraction?"