“Guided Visualisations: Pathways into Wisdom and Witchcraft” by Lucya Starza (Pagan Portals)

"Guided Visualisations: Pathways into Wisdom and Witchcraft" by Lucya Starza (Pagan Portals)

"The journeys in this book are all ones using the mind. Guided visualisations use an interactive story to help people know themselves better, find solutions to problems and get ideas for creative projects. They can also be used as a wellbeing tool using relaxation techniques. Many guided visualisations also have spiritual aspects. Within this book are visualisations created for those on the paths of paganism, witchcraft and earth-based spirituality. They were written to follow the Wheel of the Year, embrace the power of the moon and the elements, and develop magical wisdom. Through the pages of this book you will be guided to amazing places. It will be an adventure…"