“Power Secrets of Astrology: How to Use Planetary Hours to Plan for Success” by Anthony Louis

"Power Secrets of Astrology: How to Use Planetary Hours to Plan for Success" by Anthony Louis

"Planetary hours are an ancient system in which astrologers assigned the seven visible planets to the days of the week and to the "hours" of the day. Sunday is the day of the Sun; Monday, the Moon; Tuesday, Mars; Wednesday, Mercury; Thursday, Jupiter; Friday, Venus; and Saturday, Saturn. “Hours” varied in length because they were calculated as one twelfth of the daylight hours during the day and one twelfth of the nighttime hours at night. The first "hour" of each day was given to the planet ruling the day. The remaining hours followed in the so-called “Chaldean order” of ancient Babylon.

Planetary hours have been used for centuries to choose favorable times to begin activities and initiate projects for success. They have also been used to elect times for prayers, rituals and incantations. Although planetary hours do not take the place of a traditional electional chart in astrology, according to professional astrologer Maria Kay Simms they lend themselves well to occasions "when a quick timing decision must be made with no time to do more complex astrological computations, even if you know how."

This ebook reviews the key features of planetary hours and shows how they can be used as a "quick and dirty" yet powerful astrological method to elect times to maximize the chances of success of any undertaking. There is also a discussion of how to personalize the planetary hours to your individual horoscope cast for the time of your birth. The author’s comments are often buttressed by historical references and citations, particularly from William Lilly (1647) on the meanings of the houses and Henry Coley (1676) on the attributes of planetary hours in the 17th century."