“The Guidebook to ESP and Psychic Wonders” by Katherine Fair Donnelly

"The Guidebook to ESP and Psychic Wonders" by Katherine Fair Donnelly

"The world of ESP and psychic phenomena is undoubtedly entered by almost everyone at some time or another—Who has not experienced a feeling of déja-vu, or had a strange hunch or premonition that later proved accurate?—and yet information about the many kinds of psychic phenomena has only been available scattered throughout hundreds of books and articles.

The Guidebook to ESP and Psychic Wonders now gathers under one cover definitions and clear, succinct discussions of all the different psychic phenomena, based on information collected by the author from the West’s leading psychics and psychic investigators. Presented in question-and-answer format by topic, this information will help everyone recognize and attempt to understand their experiences—which they may not at first see to be the psychic experiences that they are."