“Seven Games of Life: And How to Play” by Richard Smoley

"Seven Games of Life: And How to Play" by Richard Smoley

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"Life can seem to be a serious business. We could also look at it as a game—or a series of games. They include survival, love, power, pleasure, courage, creativity, and the Master Game!

In this insightful book, Richard Smoley gives a lively but pro­found account of these games. He talks about how we play them, the mistakes we make, and how we can play them best.

The culmination is the Master Game. Richard explores prac­tices from the great spiritual traditions to show how to reach this mastery. If you play this game, you will reach new heights of wisdom, courage, kindness, and performance.

Richard, the author of thirteen books including G&D’s Intro­duction to the Occult, interweaves ideas from great thinkers and traditions with his own dry and irreverent wisdom, gleaned from forty years of study and practice, to show how to play the most important game of all."