“Third Eye Spies: Learn Remote Viewing from the Masters” by Russell Targ (2023 edition)

"Third Eye Spies: Learn Remote Viewing from the Masters" by Russell Targ (2023 edition)

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"Explore the evidence of psychic powers and learn the skills of remote viewing from the masters for yourself.

Russell Targ has been successfully teaching people how to tap into their psychic abilities for more than fifty years. This began in 1972 when he cofounded a CIA-sponsored ESP research program at Stanford Research Institute. The program yielded such incredible results as the description of a secret Russian weapons factory in Siberia and the location of several kidnapped US officials, including the ambassador to Iran. The founders also trained six Army intelligence officers to create an Army psychic corps that became known as Stargate.

Third Eye Spies will introduce you to the most successful and gifted remote viewers in the world along with the evidence of their psychic abilities. Remote viewing is the opportunity to describe and experience objects and events in the distance, the past, and the future.

Targ shares the simple techniques masters of remote viewing use to expand the mind’s eye beyond one’s physical location. With Third Eye Spies, you will be able to step beyond the boundaries of your physical body and learn to live with psychic abilities."