“Mirror Magic: Scrying, Spells, Curses and Other Witch Crafts” by Vivi James

"Mirror Magic: Scrying, Spells, Curses and Other Witch Crafts" by Vivi James

"When I was a child, I once stared into a mirror so long that my own face contorted into something terrifying. Mirrors are powerful. Learn how to use them properly.

You have a mirror in your house. Could that mirror be carrying evil energy?

John Dee used a mirror to divine the future for Queen Elizabeth I. Pierre Coton used a mirror to reveal plots against King Henri IV. Nostradamus used a bowl of water to act as a mirror for his quatrains.

How can you use mirrors to make your life better? Could you use a mirror to become more beautiful? What kind of curses can you do with mirrors?

Those questions and more will be answered in this quick book of witchcraft!"