“The Magister: Magick in History, Theory and Practice. The Order of Revelation” by Marcus Katz (kindle edition in 3 parts)

"The Magister: Magick in History, Theory and Practice. The Order of Revelation" by Marcus Katz (kindle edition in 3 parts)

"The Magister provides a comprehensive contemporary system of spiritual development via the Western esoteric initiatory system (WEIS). The Magister surveys the past century of esoteric teachings, drawing upon primary source material including Aleister Crowley’s handwritten diaries and notebooks, letters from Dion Fortune, unpublished material from S.L. MacGregor Mathers and Florence Farr, and little-recognised work buried deep within the archives of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. This rarely seen material has been meticulously collated during the course of the author’s travels to libraries and private collections throughout Europe and the USA over the past three decades.

The Magister combines academic rigour with Frater V’s extensive practical experience and professional teaching discipline in order to provide profound material — regarding kabbalah, tarot, alchemy, Thelema, and more — in a manner that is accessible and which facilitates practical application to a contemporary spiritual life.

The first book in the series — Volume 0: The Order of Revelation — lays out the entire map of the esoteric spiritual ascent narrative. It provides an explanation of the grade system — its history, power and function as a framework for magical and mystical experience — and of the Aeons, including how they work in your life and their prediction for the future of human evolution. It also presents a complete overview of the study curriculum of the great magical orders of history, enabling you to learn a vast range of approaches — from ceremonial magick and shamanism to Ma’at magick and retro-temporal engineering!

This first book in The Magister series teaches techniques with the benefit of understanding their final destination, including solar adorations, banishing rituals and significantly more. You will learn to discover and fully experience the invisible knots that bind the universe, in order to achieve magical effects. The Magister, Volume 0: The Order of Revelation features comprehensive reading lists by grade of advancement in the system, Arcana from the Tarot of Everlasting Day, plus 700+ extensive footnotes, many illustrations, complete bibliography, and index."