“The Water Witch: An Introduction to Water Witchcraft” by Jessica Howard (Pagan Portals)

"The Water Witch: An Introduction to Water Witchcraft" by Jessica Howard (Pagan Portals)

"For thousands of years the element of water has captured the hearts and imaginations of those who have come before us. From tales of benevolent spirits that dwell in lakes and ponds to the ferocious sea monsters that lurk in the depths, history and local folklore is full of tales of the mysterious and otherworldly nature of this element. But what is water witchcraft, and how can you practice it? This book offers a complete introduction to the way of the water witch, including information on deities, tools, using water in magic, animal guides, working with water spirits, water divination, and plenty of rituals, spells, and practical exercises for you to use. Whether you are interested in the water witch path or just want to learn how to work more closely with the element of water, this book contains everything you need to get started."