“The Matrix of the Mind” by David John Barrington Parsons

"The Matrix of the Mind" by David John Barrington Parsons

"There are many phenomena in the current world that defy explanation from mainstream science. This book introduces a revolutionary concept, Matrix Model Theory, which provides a simple, unique and original insight into the events that led to the formation of the cosmos and the establishment of the planet Earth with its life-sustaining environment. The theory further provides an alternative explanation as to how life originated, how mankind became established and describes the most amazing event of all that occurred, i.e., the technological evolution of the human mind. The book, using Matrix Model Theory, explains how the first living cell evolved survived and was able to replicate. The phenomenon of telepathy is examined, and research by several reputable institutions have established that telepathy does exist and has been proven. Its function is explained by the theory. Although not a useful faculty, it provides a valuable insight into the functioning of the human (and animal) mind.

Matrix Model Theory also explains a wide range of animal behaviour including how a hive of bees can function as a 'super organism' which means that the bees sometimes behave as though they are partially under the influence of a single mind. Similarly, termites have the amazing ability to coordinate the construction of complex tunnels within their nests. Although blind, they seem to be from the same blueprint. This book is targeted at the general reader who has an enquiring mind and refers to scientific matters that have been explained in easily readable terms."