“Archangel Pathworkings: Raziel’s Paths of Power Volume II” by Jareth Tempest

"Archangel Pathworkings: Raziel's Paths of Power Volume II" by Jareth Tempest

"Take control of your life with the awesome powers of the Archangels. These amazing beings can help you shape your life into what you've always dreamed it could be. With their help you can build your business, attract wealth, find love, strengthen your marriage, find your lost passion, protect yourself and your loved ones, have better sex, find healing, break old habits, become more disciplined, overcome crippling procrastination, and manifest your dreams. This book teaches you a simple ritual that requires no ceremony, no expensive tools, no special timing, and no hard to pronounce words of power. If you have the power to daydream or fantasize you have the power to call on these magnificent beings. What's more is that with
pathworking you are able to get to know these wonderful spirits and build real lasting relationships that will continually enrich your life. Along with the archangels, this book also has pathworkings for the Angels of the 42 Letter Name. These angels are legendary for their powers of inner transformation. Many of these have been vital to me becoming a better magician. They can remove your lust for results, improve your imagination and ability to visualize, as well as increase
your inner strength, boost your confidence, and so much more.

While this book is a sequel, you do not need the first book, as I cover everything as though you were a beginner here in this one as well.

So come join Raziel as this amazing archangel guides us to power and wonder."