“Subjective Communication” by Jose Silva and Ed Bernd Jr.

"Subjective Communication" by Jose Silva and Ed Bernd Jr.

"Learn how to use your mind to communicate with your body to keep it healthy, with other people to improve rapport and strengthen your relationships, and with higher intelligence so that you can obtain guidance and help to solve more problems and make the world a better place to live.

What is Subjective Communication? Subjective Communication is a natural ability that all of the highly successful people on our planet have in common. Subjective Communication is the ability that permits people to know more than their physical senses alone can tell them.

Subjective Communication is the one “secret of success” that people have sought to reveal for thousands of years, yet remained hidden because those who had it did not realize that the way they functioned was different from the way the vast majority of people function, and those who didn’t have it considered it so unlikely that they doubted its existence.

For the fortunate few who, through natural means, developed the ability to use subjective communications to know more than the majority of people, life has been a fabulous success. These people — about ten percent of the population — are the ones we consider "lucky". Though they do no more work than other people, they prosper. Though they are no more persistent than millions of others, they succeed while others fail. Though they are no more intelligent than the masses, we call them geniuses.

You can develop this ability.

All humans are born with the potential to communicate in more ways than through the physical senses. It is your mind, and your phenomenal imagination, that makes you human. In this book, you will learn why imagination is not only used for make believe, but is also used as a communications tool.

You will learn exactly what human intelligence is, and what mind is, and how these function in another — invisible-to-the-human-eyes — dimension where we exchange vital information that helps improve our relationships, our decision making ability, and our chances for success and happiness in this life.

You will have a rare opportunity to look inside the mind of a genius, a natural psychic who has been using this ability for more than sixty years, as this genius is interviewed by a veteran newspaper reporter turned researcher. This insight and understanding will help you develop your own abilities.

Never before has there been a book like this one, that strips the mystery away and explains in simple language exactly what this thing called ESP really is and how you can learn to use it like the most successful people in our world do. It is your heritage as a human being. Use it."