“The Esoteric Secrets of Vril: Energy, Prana, Power & Animal Magnetism” by Magus (new revised edition)

"The Esoteric Secrets of Vril: Energy, Prana, Power & Animal Magnetism" by Magus (new revised edition)

"Vril is another name for the life energy of the body, known in other cultures worldwide as mana, prana, chi, or vital force. Most of the ancient cultures of the world were aware of this important force and worked to make use of it.In today's world, especially in the West, we move along through life completely oblivious to this truly vital force. Although this force cannot be seen, it is the life force within our bodies. It takes energy from food and provides muscles with energy, which in turn allows us to move about in daily life as well as grow and metabolize. Nourishment, digestion, and elimination are all driven by the life force.

Vril also has a connection to the mind, and methods can be employed to store up its energy and use it constructively. Vril is not manufactured in the human body, but can be collected and used effectively. This energy is present in water, and especially in the air. This is why breathing is so important in the practice of meditation. A deeper part of us comes alive while we meditate, due to increased vital energy in the body combined with the relaxation of the mind.

This book is by far the best guidebook known to this mysterious and powerful force. The exact mechanics of how it works are detailed, plus methods of gathering, conserving, and using its power. The exercises given are powerful and they work. This is really more of a self-help book than a simple fact book or mystical overview. Few books have packed in so much vital information in so few pages, and out of all the books we have ever seen, we can safely say that no other book from the West reveals anything close to the important information found here on this subject."