“Voices of Eternity” by Sarah Wilson Estep

"Voices of Eternity" by Sarah Wilson Estep

"Twelve years ago, Sarah Estep began her dedicated research of the Great Beyond, using a tape recorder and asking questions of anyone on the other side who might listen. After six days of running a blank tape and hoping against hope that she would receive a reply, she asked, "What is your world like?" A clear voice responded to her question with the word "Beauty."

Sarah has gone on to tape thousands of messages, from dead friends and relatives, a spirit guide named Styhe, and entities she believes come from different parts of the universe. In this provocative book, she shares her message with us, as the voices of eternity discuss:
* Death and dying
* What it's really like on the other side
* Precognition and clairvoyance
* Reincarnation
* Worlds other than the one we know, including origins of UFOs

Includes a special section on how anyone may communicate with voices from the spirit world
using only a tape recorder and cassette!"