“The Art and Mechanics of Spellcraft ” by Eva Othelwort

"The Art and Mechanics of Spellcraft " by Eva Othelwort

"Ever wonder why the spells in spell books don't seem to work for you? Have you tried creating your own spells only to get marginal or no results? The Art and Mechanics of Spellcraft shows you how to properly use the information in existing spell books or create your own spells; prepare yourself and your tools for magickal work; recognize, charge, and use magickal energy. This book is ideal for the experienced practitioner and also provides a solid foundation for those who are new to magick. This book can be used with existing spell books to help you understand why certain materials are chosen for spells, why some spells are cast at a specific time of year or moon phase, and how to assure spell success by preparing and properly using magickal energy.

The Art and Mechanics of Spellcraft can show you why previous spells you have cast have gone wrong and how to make corrections or counter ill effects. When used as a workbook, you can progress through the chapters in the order presented to build skill and prepare yourself for your best magickal work.

Exercises are provided to help you strengthen and perfect your magickal and manifestation ability, and special care has been given to include work and exercises that can be done by physically-challenged people. When used as a reference book, you can finally put some of those excellent spell books to use or create a unique, simple, or complex spell of your own."