“Magic, Mind, Emotion and Body: The Praxis. The How and Why Book” by William I. Hegeman

"Magic, Mind, Emotion and Body: The Praxis. The How and Why Book" by William I. Hegeman

"William Hegeman brings 50 years of study, practice of magic and psychic development with step-by-step methods to develop psychic abilities, spiritual development and the mind of a magician.

There are no "WOO" methods with the metaphors and beliefs that saturate magical traditions, beliefs and cultures.

A Middle Path approach is presented for mindful meditation, energy accumulation, internal alchemy, lucid dreaming, astral traveling, and plane walking with tricks, tips and techniques to develop the mind of a magician.
Techniques have been stitched seamlessly together from Yoga, Chi Gong, and Shamanic insights from practices around the world.

Magic and Occult books are steeped in traditions, and filled with author's insider's view of their practices based on these traditions. This book approaches it from the basics so individuals can take the steps fully conscious and aware.

As Archonstone, he has participated in various practices and rituals in and out of groups as an outsider. His mystic shamanic and middle path approach took the hard disciplined detached view of the needs and necessary basics to be able to fully participate in any magical occult setting. These core basics are incorporated into this book in a step-by-step manner to build the practitioner not only in skills but also the mindset to become a magician."