“Witches, Spirits and Spells of Scotland” by Ewan Irvine

"Witches, Spirits and Spells of Scotland" by Ewan Irvine

"Ewan Irvine is a psychic and spiritual medium, tutor and speaker based in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland.

In this book, he recounts tales of witches, spirits and spells which are part of the country's myths and legends, handed down from generation to generation.

Tales such as those of the Lady of Lawers, The Great Borders Wizard, The Scots Rhymer and the fearsome Agnes Finnie, said to be the busiest witch of all time, have stood the test of time and could be claimed to be embedded deep into Scotland's dark oral history, which even goes so far as to claim that one day the Devil may just return to Scotland to finish his sermon."