“This Way: Gnosis Without Gnosticism” by Jeremy Puma

"This Way: Gnosis Without Gnosticism" by Jeremy Puma

"Beginning with the premise that modern so-called "Gnostic" organizations are actually products of the XIX century Occultist and New Age movements, This Way: Gnosis Without "Gnosticism" embraces the most recent scholarship which concludes that there was no ancient "Gnosticism." Consequently, modern organizations which refer to themselves as "Gnostic" are in no way related to ancient heretical sects in historical reality, but are, instead, entirely modern creations.

As a response, This Way: Gnosis Without "Gnosticism" presents an applied spirituality based on the writings found in the Nag Hammadi Library and Zen Buddhism, for people interested in a simple, mature approach to gnosis that doesn't rely on unprovable claims of apostolic succession or New Age neo-Templar silliness, but instead acknowledges the limitations of the material.

If you are looking for a context for a modern approach to gnosis that can be practiced by anyone, alone or within an extant organization This Way: Gnosis Without "Gnosticism" is the book for you."