“Introduction to Pulmonautics: 7 Keys to Deepen Your Breathwork Meditations” by Jeandre Gerber

"Introduction to Pulmonautics: 7 Keys to Deepen Your Breathwork Meditations" by Jeandre Gerber

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"There are many techniques and methods available on how to explore one’s own consciousness and train our awareness to not fall victim to our internal automations. Yet perhaps one of the most powerful and simplest of these methods comes through the mastery of the breath.

The breath acts as a vehicle for consciousness – a tether between mind and reality. Being both a conscious and unconscious process – the breath acts as a bridge between the external and the internal world. It is deeply tied with the concept of divinity and enlightenment.

By understanding this connection, The Pulmonaut embarks on a journey of Self Discovery, utilizing the breath as a unique indicator of conscious awareness. By learning the different modes of engagement concerning the breath, the individual naturally become aware of how the breath operates in different emotional and mental states. How the intensity and depth of the breath are affected by various interactions.

Pulmonautika isn’t a specific breathwork or meditation technique, but rather provides a general framework where you incorporate a mass of techniques and methods that benefit your own personal development & growth at different stages of your journey. It adapts to your lifestyle, not the other way around.

The Pulmonaut understands that each individual is a unique manifestation of consciousness in time and space that will never repeat again. Therefore, there is no “one way” to go about life but rather a unique approach we must all discover for ourselves. This exploration and discovery form part of our greater purpose and our personal higher calling."

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