“Magi: The Quest for a Secret Tradition” by Adrian Gilbert

"Magi: The Quest for a Secret Tradition" by Adrian Gilbert

"Written by the co-author of The Orion Mystery and The Mayan Prophecies, this book takes the reader through the past, revealing how secret knowledge was both preserved in the East in the form of monumental architecture and at the time of the Crusades, passed westwards to the fledgling states of Europe. One of the best known stories of the Bible is the journey of the Magi as witnesses of the Nativity of Jesus, yet who were these "wise men"? Where did they come from and what could possibly have been their motive in making their journey to Bethlehem? In this book, such questions are answered in an exploration of the Magi legend. Threaded into an epic story are the results of Adrian Gilbert's extensive research. The author claims the truth is that not only was the birth of Jesus widely expected throughout the Middle East, but that Christianity itself has its deepest roots in the "pagan" mysteries of Egypt, Persia and Mesopotamia."