“Egyptian Magick: A Spirited Guide” by Mogg Morgan

"Egyptian Magick: A Spirited Guide" by Mogg Morgan

"Western magick is no longer an approximation; through practice and study it has recovered its memory. This magick is “Amoral and quintessentially effective” or to use the Egyptian term, it is called Akh, an effective or cunning power. This is a power to which gods, men, and all nature are subject. It was still the same force “whether used by god, king, priest, private individual, rebel or foreign enemy, whether hostile or beneficent, sanctioned or suppressed.” Does this mean that one can use magick for bad things with impunity? Absolutely not, for one is punished for what one does rather for the means one used, which are just the natural laws of the universe. Ultimately all this magick is theurgy, literally the work of the gods. Ideally, this becomes part of a practical theology by which the practitioner becomes, through “dynamic resonance” the image of the gods or divine forces he or she emulates. Thus the ultimate aim of the magician is knowledge and transcendence.

So here is an authoritative guide aimed at those who actually want to practice this magick. The scholarly reader may also find the experimental theurgy a useful perspective. Essentially a compilation, bringing together with some revision, all of the material and core ideas on the Egyptian magical religion from previous books, presenting them here as a complete working system. Topics including openings, initiations, imaginal realms, basic techniques and applications through a ritual year of the gods."