“Chinese Trigram Magic: Summoning the Spirits of the Eight Trigrams” by Stauros Rein

"Chinese Trigram Magic: Summoning the Spirits of the Eight Trigrams" by Stauros Rein

"This is a brief manual on using the eight trigrams of the I Ching for magical purposes. Though the methods described in this manual have roots in ancient methods, they have been updated to suit a modern context, making use of some of the innovations brought into magic by what is known as Chaos magic. Chinese sorcery modernized itself many times over in its history, making use of newly refined metals and paper upon their invention and incorporating other influences—mainly Indian but also Mongol—when it seemed useful to do so. In this book I have blended both ancient Chinese methods and norms with the more simplified and direct ethos of Chaos magic, creating a hybrid system which, I hope, will prove both interesting and useful to you."