“Unshakable Awareness: Meditation in the Heart of Chaos, Taught by a Master of Four Samurai Arts” by Richard L. Haight

"Unshakable Awareness: Meditation in the Heart of Chaos, Taught by a Master of Four Samurai Arts" by Richard L. Haight

"2021 Gold Winner of the Readers’ Favorite Awards, Unshakable Awareness addresses a critical need for unsettled times; how to stay present, clear-minded and calm when facing unpredictable life events. It offers a recipe for grounded presence when life is challenging.

Using forgotten principles of ancient practices, Richard L. Haight, Master of four Samurai arts and award-winning author of The Unbound Soul and the best-selling title The Warrior's Meditation, takes you through an incredibly simple, invigorating, yet ever-challenging meditation curriculum that can be practiced right in your home.

Through Unshakable Awareness you will access meditative awareness in imperfect conditions—with your eyes open, during your active daily life. Once you get the hang of it, your ability to tap into and sustain deep meditative clarity through activities and pressures of all sorts will vastly improve, as will the quality of your life.

At first glance, it may seem that this is a book meant for experienced meditators. Have no concerns, for the methods taught here connect to human instinct, which means raw beginners and advanced meditators alike will find that they are on equal footing. Regardless of your background or experience level, if you tackle the challenges with a positive attitude, you will be utterly amazed at your rapid progress.

Throughout your training, you will make use of a powerful progress assessment system born of ancient lost wisdom. You will get clear, daily feedback on your improvement, which will inspire you to take on even greater challenges and realize yet further awareness possibilities and health benefits. Included in this eBook are a downloadable step-by-step workbook and training schedule to help keep you on track.

According to modern science, here are the health benefits that you will likely gain from the exercises found in Unshakable Awareness:
* Improved circulatory and cellular health, resulting in greater physical and mental endurance
* Improved immune function, resulting in decreased cellular inflammation and pain
* Increased positive emotion through reduction of anxiety, depression, and stress
* Improved ability to introspect by providing a more holistic, grounded life perspective
* Improved social life from a boost in emotional intelligence and compassion with a reduction in feelings of insecurity
* Increased brain matter in areas related to paying attention, positive emotions, emotional regulation, and self-control
* Reduction in emotional reactivity
* Improved memory, creativity, and abstract thinking."