“Sexual Magick: Secrets of Sexual Gnosis in Western Magick” by Katon Shual

"Sexual Magick: Secrets of Sexual Gnosis in Western Magick" by Katon Shual

"Sexuality is one of the keys to magick. In this book, first published in 1988, Katon Shual presents some of the secrets of a sexual gnosis of western magick — a system that is often misunderstood. The book begins with a look at the revival of sexual magick in the early part of this century, especially within the ranks of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and some of the post-Golden Dawn magical groups such as Aleister Crowley's Thelemic cult. The book goes on the look at the modern fusion of western hermetic and eastern tantric sexual gnosticism. On the way it discusses in a progressive manner gay, straight and solitary sexual magick. The book goes on to introduce the ancient deity Seth as an archetype of the sexual magician.

The book includes an unpublished grimoire of sexual magick, as well as several other unusual sources, including an authoritative exploration of the chakra system, a magical approach to kundalini and an introduction to the relationship between sacred sexuality and the external landscape."