“Tree Magic: The Path of Druids, Shamans, and Mystics” by Iva Kenaz

"Tree Magic: The Path of Druids, Shamans, and Mystics" by Iva Kenaz

"A must-have for modern-day Druids, shamans, hedge witches, and anyone who loves trees, earth magic, and the mystical side of this world.

What connects the World Tree, the Tree of Life, the axis mundi, and the interdimensional portals into other realms of existence? How do we work with our own Tree of Life in the complexity of the World Tree of Life? And how do magic staffs relate to all of this? This book not only explores the mythological and philosophical background of tree magic but also offers new, intriguing insights into this fascinating topic.

In part one, we learn about the mystery behind the World Tree of Life, tree deities, magical tree animals, the importance of trees in natural cycles, and even our tree ancestry. The answer may lie in the electromagnetic field – the self-sustaining and self-rejuvenating divine quality we were all born with.

In part two, the practical side of tree magic is addressed. We learn more about our Tree of Life, tree symbols, tree staffs, and shamanic journeying. The author, who herself practices tree magic, bases her findings on copious research but also draws from her own experiences.

Part three is a practical guide to individual tree species and their magical lore. "