“Exorcism Through the Ages” edited by St. Elmo Nauman

"Exorcism Through the Ages" edited by St. Elmo Nauman

"Scholars of the occult explore the phenomenon of demonic possession and expulsion through centuries of Western history in this essay anthology.

Instances of exorcism have been widely documented for centuries, with references to demonic possession and expulsion appearing in the Bible as well as ancient Roman epic poetry. In Exorcism Through the Ages, scholars examine the historical record, analyzing exorcism practices in Jewish, Catholic, and Greek Orthodox traditions.

Numerous cases—such as the Devils of Loudon, the nuns of Aix-en-Provence, and the possession of Elizabeth Knapp—are considered in detail. Other essays discuss the legend of the Golem, the concept of the Dybbuk, the history of the devil, and more."