“Esoteric Hollywood II: More Sex, Cults & Symbols in Film” by Jay Dyer

"Esoteric Hollywood II: More Sex, Cults & Symbols in Film" by Jay Dyer

"Sequel to the highly informative, thought provoking, and very entertaining Esoteric Hollywood, this work focuses a bit less on the mystical side of the esoterica, and more on the predictive programming side of the hidden knowledge spectrum.

Showcasing the hidden in plain sight designs of the Western technocracy through such films and or franchises as The Terminator series, Matrix trilogy, Tron, and the early German film Metropolis, Jay Dyer shows you just how far back the designs for current day forms of societal control (the Internet, technological obsessions, artificial intelligence, and yes, even sex bots) have been revealed in film.

Through such films as The Aviator, The Godfather trilogy, and the excellent, weird television series Twin Peaks, Jay also guides you through the relationship between the film industry, banking, organized crime, intelligence agencies, and the occult.

Certainly this will raise some eyebrows, and stir up controversy, but it is a damned fine read and one that is well researched, footnoted, and cited for references."