“Ecstatic Trance: New Ritual Body Postures. A Workbook” by Felicitas D. Goodman and Nana Nauwald

"Ecstatic Trance: New Ritual Body Postures. A Workbook" by Felicitas D. Goodman and Nana Nauwald

"Ritual body postures found in prehistoric cave paintings and early effigies have their origins with the hunger-gatherer tribes. The oldest posture discovered to date is believed to be approximately 32,000 years old. It was in the agricultural societies that followed, however, that the practice of these postures flourished.

Prof Felicitas D. Goodman and Nana Nauwald collaborated in researching the effects of close to 60 different ritual body postures. The book contains in-depth information on shamanic practices, detailed background on recently researched postures and brain research, and instructional photographs, providing a complete manual for the ecstatic trance postures.

Rhythmic stimulation of your body, combined with ritual body postures, can produce a profound change in consciousness, enabling you to experience different areas of the alternate reality. This extraordinary book gives practical guidance that can help you achieve unique experiences through individual experimentation. It also describes how the ritual postures can lead you to such areas as healing, metamorphosis, death and rebirth, and divination, and presents the latest findings in the field of "spiritual archaeology". The body postures contained herein, when combined with rhythmic stimulation, can lead not only to changes in somatic perception but also to visions—the "ecstatic experience". Rather than constituting or promoting a particular belief system, or dogma, the body postures wholly incorporate the shamanic world view.

The ecstatic trance is part of everyone's genetic endowment. This workbook provides the guidance and instruction necessary to help you integrate the knowledge and insight gained from the trance experience into your everyday life. Practicing the ritual body postures can help you access and energize your own creativity."