“Hitler’s Astrologer” by David Bryant Perkins

"Hitler's Astrologer" by David Bryant Perkins

"Why were the Nazis scouring the globe for ancient artifacts? Hitler's war machine was always one step ahead of England and France in the opening years of World War II. Germany occupied Norway in 1940, just two days before the British planned to.

After being totally outwitted in the conquest of France, the British High Command began hearing rumors that these successes were due to more than precise military planning. The Wehrmacht was using the dark forces of the occult.

The suspicion strengthened when a German refugee writer and amateur astrologer — Ludwig von Wohl — came to the British with a fantastic story: The Third Reich was using one of Europe’s best astrologers to influence the planning and decisions of Hess, Himmler, Goebbels, and even Hitler himself.

Soon after, the MI-5 gave von Wohl the rank of Captain and assigned him to find out what kind of astrological advice Hitler was receiving.

Hitler’s Astrologer is a riveting historical drama based on the true story of astrology and occult in Nazi Germany during World War II."