“Serpent of Wisdom: And Other Essays on Western Occultism” by Donald Tyson (kindle ebook version)

"Serpent of Wisdom: And Other Essays on Western Occultism" by Donald Tyson (kindle ebook version)

"Reconciling magic with rational thought, well-known occult scholar Donald Tyson presents an exciting collection of essays that offer fresh insights into a wide variety of important topics in the Western esoteric tradition. Along with practical instructions on the correct casting of the magic circle and the uses of familiars, Tyson includes a new system of coin divination and a complete history of the esoteric ordering of the Tarot trumps. Here you will learn the hidden roots of magic―what it is, and how it works on the deepest levels of reality.

What esoteric energy is and how to use it
The arcane meaning of the serpent of wisdom
The making and use of a book of spirits
The essential nature of spiritual beings
How we perceive and interact with spirits
The truth about spirit possession and why you should not fear it
The reality of vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and demons
A revolutionary manifesto of spirits' rights"