“Logic Beach: Part I” by Exurb1a

"Logic Beach: Part I" by Exurb1a

"Mathematician Polly Hare is missing. She leaves behind: one cat, one scarf, and a hypergeometric theory of everything with the potential to end physics. Her husband Benjamin is determined to bring her home.

Papers will be read. Cults will be infiltrated. Cats will be petted. Benjamin Hare cannot tie his shoes, but he may well steer the course of human history.

Thousands of years later and humans have migrated into a great digital playground called Arcadia. Light is smelled. Music is eaten. Physics is near completion. These new humans have their own trials, however; an experiment in mind-blending has gone horribly wrong, giving birth to a rampant colossus. It is the end of history, but long-dead mathematician (and mediocre ukulele player) Polly Hare might have something to say on the matter.

What is the origin of space and time?
Why is logic built into nature?
And how, exactly, does God take his tea?"