“Essential Gnostic Scriptures” by Willis Barnstone adn Marvin Meyer

"Essential Gnostic Scriptures" by Willis Barnstone adn Marvin Meyer

"The people we鈥檝e come to call gnostics were passionate advocates of the view that salvation comes through knowledge and personal experience, and their passion shines through in the remarkable body of writings they produced over a period of more than a millennium and a half. Willis Barnstone and Marvin Meyer have created a translation that brings the gnostic voices to us from across the centuries with remarkable power and beauty鈥攂eginning with texts from the earliest years of Christianity鈥攊ncluding material from the Nag Hammadi library鈥攁nd continuing all the way up to expressions of gnostic wisdom found within Islam and in the Cathar movement of the Middle Ages. The twenty-one texts included here serve as a compact introduction to Gnosticism and its principal ideas鈥攁nd they also provide an entr茅e to the pleasures of gnostic literature in general, representing, as they do, the greatest masterpieces of that tradition."