“Life Force: Sensed energy in breathwork, psychedelia and chaos magic” by David Lee

"This is a book about subtle energy, for those who can’t bring themselves to ‘believe in’ subtle energy. Life Force explains techniques which enable the reader to explore and celebrate the feelings that are undeniably, irrefutably real to consciousness, and appear to stem from ‘subtle energies’. It explores those schemes of belief which work best for experiencing, cultivating and manipulating these subtle sensations. It is about learning new languages, the languages of breath and energy-sensing."...>>

“Sigil Magic – Common Forms and Variations (A Book of Chaos Magic)” by Lars Helvete. Better quality re-upload.

"This is a small book of Chaos magic. The first part is devoted to a complete description of various ways that sigils may be made - both common and uncommon. The second part describes various strategies of super-charging sigil magic and attaining better results. (Gnosis is not described in detail in this book. Such will be dealt with elsewhere) The following type of sigil types are discussed: 1. Visual Binary points Automatic Ink splatter/spray Burning Frottage 2. Action 3. Verbal Word scramble Permutation Anagrams 4. Auditory Melody Rhythms Sound layer Binaural beats 5. Clay and ready-mades"...>>

“Practical Daily Magick and Spells” by Jon Thorrison

"Αt the beginning, there was wοrd. Αnd the wοrd was magic. Yes, indeed, creatiοn οf a matter frοm a vοid, using οnly pοwer οf wοrds, is a magic wοrk. Α wοrd is a great pοwer. Α wοrd can kill οr to give a new life. " Thorrison provides everything you need to know about how real magick and spells work and how you can perform them and make them successful. OVER 200 SPELLS! And at least 30 sigils for conjuration of angelic spirits. 250 PAGES! Love, money spells, talismans and potions"...>>

“Meditation in a New York Minute: Super Calm for the Super Busy” by Mark Thornton

"Executive meditation coach Mark Thornton writes about a revolution—finding your deepest heart in everyday moments. In Meditation in a New York Minute, Thornton demystifies meditation and makes it accessible to all. He presents his complete program for enjoying the many benefits of meditation—stress reduction, energy, intense mental clarity—in a New York minute. "If your life is moving at warp speed," begins Thornton, "more than ever you need to create calm quickly and profoundly." Meditation in a New York Minute will teach even the busiest readers: How to get an hour of refreshing meditation into your day—without adding a thing to your schedule Nineteen powerful techniques from the world's wisdom...>>