Magick Matters

“Your Human Design: Discover Your Unique Life Path and How to Navigate It with Purpose” by Shayna Cornelius and Dana Stiles

"Find your unique energy type and harness it for success and fulfillment with Your Human Design. Wondering what your life purpose is? What you are here to do? How to work, play, and relate to others with maximum ease? It is all in your Human Design! Human Design is a revolutionary system for self-understanding comprising wisdom from Western astrology, the chakra system, I Ching, the Kabbalah tree of life, and facets of modern quantum mechanics, biochemistry, and astronomy. This incredibly powerful modality reveals with great specificity how each human being has different natural talents, a unique life purpose, and a specific mode of operating that aligns them to their true nature. It also provides you...>>

“When Shadow Meets the Bodhisattva: The Challenging Transformation of a Modern Guru” by Andrew Cohen

"Insights from a renowned spiritual teacher’s intense soul-searching after the dramatic collapse of his spiritual community • Explores the rise and fall of the author’s organization EnlightenNext, including his own responsibility for its failure, and the lessons he learned, such as the need to deal thoroughly with one’s shadow for continued spiritual growth • Presents wisdom from the author’s discussions with spiritual leaders, including Ken Wilber, Diane Musho Hamilton Roshi, Steve McIntosh, Terry Patten, Doshin Roshi, Sally Kempton, Philip Goldberg, Jeffrey Kripal, and Patricia Albere • Shares a new vision for the spirituality of tomorrow After his very public fall from grace in 2013, renowned spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen vanished from view and underwent a dark night of...>>

“Red Shambhala: Magic, Prophecy, and Geopolitics in the Heart of Asia” by Andrei Znamenski

"Many know of Shambhala, the Tibetan Buddhist legendary land of spiritual bliss popularized by the film, Shangri-La. But few may know of the role Shambhala played in Russian geopolitics in the early twentieth century. Perhaps the only one on the subject, Andrei Znamenski's book presents a wholly different glimpse of early Soviet history both erudite and fascinating. Using archival sources and memoirs, he explores how spiritual adventurers, revolutionaries, and nationalists West and East exploited Shambhala to promote their fanatical schemes, focusing on the Bolshevik attempt to use Mongol-Tibetan prophecies to railroad Communism into inner Asia. We meet such characters as Gleb Bokii, the Bolshevik secret police commissar who tried to use Buddhist techniques to...>>

“The Qabalah Workbook for Magicians: A Guide to the Sephiroth” by Anita Kraft

"The Qabalah Workbook for Magicians is the perfect guide for the practicing magician who wants a greater understanding of Qabalah concepts and practice. Created by Anita Kraft, one of the world's most respected Qabalist teachers, this workbook teachers readers how to practice Qabalah using tarot, plants, stones, perfumes, the zodiac, and other magical sources. Kraft show how to work through the Sephiroth—the ten attributes or emanations of Qabalah—for greater understanding and illumination. Drawing on occult works, including those of Israel Regardie, Aleister Crowley, Dion Fortune, and Lon Milo DuQuette, as well as dozens of Herbrew texts and manuscripts, the practicing magician can understand the Tree of Life and other Qabalistic concepts. Kraft has spent more...>>

“The Study of Witchcraft: A Guidebook to Advanced Wicca” by Deborah Lipp

"The Study of Witchcraft is a compendium for Wiccans who want to deepen their understanding of their traditions. Advanced Wiccan reaches beyond Wicca, delving into topics as diverse as history, psychology, divination, and lucid dreaming, The Study of Witchcraft introduces the reader to these topics, discussing each in depth and offering a one-of-a-kind course of study including recommended reading, offering readers—increasingly, solitary witches—a self-study guide and a rich resource. The Study of Witchcraft includes information for all sorts of Wiccans/ traditional, eclectic, radical, groups, and solitary. Wide-ranging topics also include Western occultism, myth and folklore, meditation, astrology, the Burning Times, history, herbalism, and much more. Deborah Lipp opens the book with a discussion of the...>>