Magick Matters

“Practical Daily Magick and Spells” by Jon Thorrison

"Αt the beginning, there was wοrd. Αnd the wοrd was magic. Yes, indeed, creatiοn οf a matter frοm a vοid, using οnly pοwer οf wοrds, is a magic wοrk. Α wοrd is a great pοwer. Α wοrd can kill οr to give a new life. " Thorrison provides everything you need to know about how real magick and spells work and how you can perform them and make them successful. OVER 200 SPELLS! And at least 30 sigils for conjuration of angelic spirits. 250 PAGES! Love, money spells, talismans and potions"...>>

“Meditation in a New York Minute: Super Calm for the Super Busy” by Mark Thornton

"Executive meditation coach Mark Thornton writes about a revolution—finding your deepest heart in everyday moments. In Meditation in a New York Minute, Thornton demystifies meditation and makes it accessible to all. He presents his complete program for enjoying the many benefits of meditation—stress reduction, energy, intense mental clarity—in a New York minute. "If your life is moving at warp speed," begins Thornton, "more than ever you need to create calm quickly and profoundly." Meditation in a New York Minute will teach even the busiest readers: How to get an hour of refreshing meditation into your day—without adding a thing to your schedule Nineteen powerful techniques from the world's wisdom...>>

“The Art of Occultism: The Secrets of High Occultism & Inner Exploration” (The Sacred Mystery Book 2) by Gabriyell Sarom

"The Step-by-step practical guide to Occultism and Inner Exploration A colossal fence has been raised separating our current society from the flow of life and magic that permeates the whole of Creation. Humanity is gradually succeeding in its self-destruction, asphyxiating itself through the suppression of what is beyond the mere five physical senses. The art of Occultism has been forgotten. In fact, Occultism has been despised, ridiculed and denigrated into a mere fantasy, make-believe or magical thinking. This book brings this ancient secret tradition back to life using a contemporary yet powerful method. This is a book centered on occult practices. Here the reader will find detailed occult practices that will assist him in exploring the...>>

“The Art of Mysticism: Practical Guide to Mysticism & Spiritual Meditations” (The Sacred Mystery Book 1) by Gabriyell Sarom

"The Step-by-step practical guide to Mysticism & Spiritual Meditations From the beginning of time, Man’s curiosity led him to question what was around him. It was the search for the origin of life, the universe, the psyche, consciousness, and God that also led him to question himself and his own existence. In seeking to flee from sorrow and pursue lasting happiness, Man came to realize that there was something else besides his mere five senses. Man thus began his journey in search of the perennial mystical wisdom and realization. This is a book centered on mystical practices. Here the reader will find detailed mystical practices and meditations that will assist him in establishing a suitable mystical...>>

“Magical Power For Beginners: How to Raise & Send Energy for Spells That Work” by Deborah Lipp

"What makes magic work? What can it do and what can't it do? This straightforward, easy-to-follow guide answers the most common questions about magical power. By learning the fundamentals of raising and sending power, you'll gain the skills you need to create and perform spells and rituals that work. Written for beginners or adepts from any spiritual background, this approachable book shows how to: Personalize power to suit your purpose Choose a magical goal Use magical correspondences Store power in your tools Transcend time and space Perform group magic Construct a spell (with...>>