“The Secrets of Unlimited Energy” by Sal Rachele

"The Secrets of Unlimited Energy" by Sal Rachele

"This latest book by Sal Rachele explores the science, metaphysics, spirituality, and psychology of energy and offers a solution to the energy problems of today’s world. In-depth discussions of zero-point energy, human consciousness, and how the two relate, demonstrate how free energy can change our way of life.

Implementing zero-point energy faces significant personal, social, and political hurdles, but The Secrets of Unlimited Energy offers practical answers for overcoming these challenges and embracing a radically new free-energy existence. These revolutionary ideas are destined to become significant parts of the changes happening on the planet.

It’s not necessary to be a mathematician or rocket scientist to understand the concepts presented here, though many of the ideas are cutting edge and even difficult for seasoned physicists to fully grasp. The author patiently explains every concept, and by examining the topic of energy from varied viewpoints — science, metaphysics, and psychology — the reader awakens to greater possibilities.

The human race is made up of vast, creative, and intelligent beings created in the likeness of the Creator. We have the ability to tap into the unlimited abundance of infinite energy that permeates the cosmos. This book helps us break out of our limiting ideas, beliefs, and concepts by liberating our souls and expanding our hearts."