“Achieve Peace through Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science: Body-Centered, Somatic Psychotherapy” by Barry Gray

"Achieve Peace through Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science: Body-Centered, Somatic Psychotherapy" by Barry Gray

"Would you love to be in a position where your mind is no longer racing around with countless thoughts that appear to enter at their own will?

Do you feel that you are too easily distracted and that things in the past come back to haunt you?
Hakomi can help you.

Let me take you on a journey from identifying what brings you peace, to understanding the thoughts that are causing you problems.

I use the Hakomi approach that combines both Eastern and Western philosophies to teach you how to live in the moment and use aspects of mindfulness, meditation and Zen Buddhist ways of approaching life. Get ready to discover a new way of both thinking and living that will benefit you in every aspect of your life.

Find out what it is that you want out of life

Start using your mind effectively to get to your end goal

Get answers to some of the most pressing questions that have plagued you and your mind.

The book will hold your hand as you go on this personal journey, and do so at your own pace and until you feel happier within your own self.

You will discover how important you mind and body connection is, and how to take advantage of that.

You will also learn how to stop beating yourself up with your thoughts and how to just let them go and move on.

I want you to step back from the rat race and to reassess your own thoughts and ideas before moving forward in a brand new direction. You will be able to achieve a new sense of personal freedom. The days of being worry and pain can now be behind you."