“Etheric UFO Portals” by Nigel Mortimer

"Etheric UFO Portals" by Nigel Mortimer

"Scientific Genius and Prophet Nikola Tesla envisaged a quality of the atmosphere which he called the Aetheric Energy Field. This 'energy' enveloped all of reality on planet Earth and beyond. He was certain that all matter drew its energy from this hidden force.

The author has studies Tesla's findings concerning the Ether and looked at the problem from a dowsers point of view. He suggests that it is from this strange 'hidden' energy that information can be extracted by the human mind. Further, he speculates that some UFO phenomenon and Other Worldly Entities may be able to communicate with us using this 'Ether' at energy cross-over points in the sacred landscape. Using the Ether energy these Beings can manipulate matter, project thought-forms and change the way we understand our everyday world.

Taking us through a journey from the hidden and amazing life of Tesla to modern day Quantum Physics, the book explores how Etheric Energy may play a vital part in allowing UFOs and visitors from other planets to travel through portals.

Nigel Mortimer's refreshing new look at UFOs, Portals and Earth Energies brings about a brand new theory concerning the Ether which modern science is beginning to appreciate once again.

This is no ordinary UFO book. It is an exploration into the unknown chapters of the mind and how we are able to appreciate in a better way some of the true mysteries and conspiracies of today."