“Crystals for Witches: Rituals, Spells, and Practices for Stone Spirit Magic” by Eliza Mabelle

"Crystals for Witches: Rituals, Spells, and Practices for Stone Spirit Magic" by Eliza Mabelle

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"Explore a collection of magical practices that embrace the power of crystals and bring a new dimension to your craft. Crystals for Witches is your ultimate guide to selecting and incorporating the right crystals for your spells and rituals—no matter what kind of witch you are. From making an amulet for prosperity out of quartz, to protecting your home with black agate, to using amethyst for spiritual awakening, this book will teach you how to make crystals a guiding force in your magical practice.

Crystals for Witches features:
All about crystals—Learn the basics of crystal magic, including how to choose, cleanse, and activate them, before moving into tips and guidance for altars, grids, meditations, spellwork, and beyond.
Finding the magic—Discover what makes crystals such an important part of witchcraft, and learn practical ways to build the relationship between yourself and the spirit within a crystal.
Know your stones—Reference full profiles on over 30 different crystals, plus quick overviews of 100 more, so you can easily identify any stone and its specific magical properties.

Find simple, powerful ways to infuse crystal magic into your spells and rituals with Crystals for Witches. "