“You Need Not Age Nor Die!” by Rev. Donald C. Barrie

"You Need Not Age Nor Die!" by Rev. Donald C. Barrie

"A lifetime spent on in-depth research, trial and error, in experimentation and prayer by Dr D.C. Barrie, plus his actual death in a doctor’s office and his return to life, bringing back with him first hand experience of God-Power and how to use it to transform one’s present life and circumstances. Dr Barrie’s book contains no profound philosophy, no plethora of words without meaning, no vagueness, no nonsense – JUST FACTS AND TECHNIQUES; methods by which most readers can avail themselves of this precious knowledge, immediately!

Fear of everything and anything can be removed from your mind now and forever. The ability to cure yourself of disease, poverty, failure, etc is YOURS NOW. The way to arm yourself against these evils, and protect those around you, your loved ones, your animals, your property – a power greater than the might of the atom bomb – is yours NOW.

Barrie did indeed claim that he can teach you to become a virtually immortal Christian/occult adept. He wrote well, and although zany, his work is readable and entertaining. Anyone interested in psychic abilities or ghosts will find this book interesting. You may even wish to try his telekinesis experiment, by trying to turn a little propeller isolated in a glass jar."