“What October Brings: A Lovecraftian Celebration of Halloween” edited by Douglas Draa

"What October Brings: A Lovecraftian Celebration of Halloween" edited by Douglas Draa

"Halloween, a time for laughing children in white bedsheets and superhero costumes. A time for chocolate candy, and pumpkins, and Trick-or-Treat.

… a time for dark things everywhere to slink out of the shadows and into our lives, reminding those unlucky few that our charades of Halloween cannot erase the centuries of history and pain behind the facade‚Ķ

What October Brings celebrates the dark traditions of the autumn rituals, of Halloween and Samhain, in homage to the uniquely fascinating fiction of HP Lovecraft. Masters of the short story offer you a ‚Äúonce in a lifetime‚ÄĚ Trick-or-Treat experience‚Ķ

…perhaps your last!"