“Zen Physics, The Science of Death, the Logic of Reincarnation” by David Darling

"Zen Physics, The Science of Death, the Logic of Reincarnation" by David Darling

"When the physical brain dies with the rest of the body what happens to ‘us’? Do not look here for comforting ideas of lounging in heaven with friends and family. Darling also does not support utter annihilation. Darling instead shows where mysticism may provide some insight for science. A well-grounded theory emerges of what happens when you can no longer observe scientifically those moments beyond our last breath. Darling provides a compelling answer for what lies beyond the end as we know it.

Darling has acquired a profound insight into the process of death and the many misconceptions we have about it. He systematically walks you through the scientific process of death as well as other scientific phenomenon and lets you see for yourself that there isn't a huge mystery behind it all. Darling doesn't give you the answer to "the great question", but points you in the correct direction with style.

Darling uses logic to explain how quantum physics may be bound with personality, but never pretends that Zen can be explained rationally. This collection of thoughts is extremely well-organized and well-written.

David Darling's book explains quantum mechanics in a way anyone can understand. He also presents an intelligent thesis on the nature of life after death. His answer may not be what we wish to hear, but it makes sense. "