“The Goetia Ritual: The Power of Magic Revealed” by Guy Bernard and Antony Lawrence

"The Goetia Ritual: The Power of Magic Revealed" by Guy Bernard and Antony Lawrence

"In writing our book we have approached Goetia with Crowley’s zeal for research, basing our work on credible sources and have sought to complete the task that Crowley started. The Goetia is broken down into its classic operations with each operation given an introductory chapter that explains its purpose. Maintaining the work's authenticity to its magic Qabalah tradition, we have used Latin headings for each operation. This allows each operation to be easily identified and differentiated. In brief, these are the “Consecratio,” “Invocatio,” “Evocatio,” “Ligatio,” and finally the “Licentia.” The Consecratio provides the necessary litanies for sacralising yourself, your ritual space, and all material things required. Following this is the Invocatio, where you invoke the Divine; and open a dimensional portal for evoking your chosen demon; taken from the 72 Goetia demon profiles provided within the book. The Evocatio provides you with the essential Evocatory Calls for evoking the demon. On making contact with your chosen demon, the Ligatio arms you with the binding litanies that will bind the demonic force to your specific intent. Once this is effected, the ritual arch is completed with the Licentia, where you perform banishing litanies, close the dimensional portal, and finally re-cleanse your ritual space."