“The Philosopher’s Stone: An Essay on the Sacerdotal Science” by Zadkiel

"The Philosopher's Stone: An Essay on the Sacerdotal Science" by Zadkiel

"Alchemy manuscript from 1831, faithfully transcribed from the original, with a new introduction.

Zadkiel gives an exceptionally lucid and concise rendition of the Alchemical tradition in the spirit of Fulcanelli, Cyliani, I.C.H., Philalethes, Sendivogius, and the anonymous works The Key to the Hermetic Sanctum and Hermetic Recreations.

Featured in this manuscript is Zadkiel’s essay, The Philosopher’s Stone, published as two parts in The Familiar Astrologer (1831), which was a compendium of arcane writings compiled by influential occultist Robert Cross Smith (1795-1832) under the pseudonym "Raphael".

Zadkiel was a pseudonym of John Palmer (1807-1837), a young practitioner of the Art who allegedly studied at the Institut de France under the Nicolas Vauquelin, the famed chemist who discovered the elements chrome and beryllium. After Smith’s death, Palmer continued Smith's legacy as Raphael.

Presented here is Palmer’s essay, faithfully transcribed from the original source and typeset in a font reminiscent of its original presentation.

Includes an introduction by the editor, Thomas Minderle (Montalk) summarizing the first stage of the Work: the preparation of the matter.

This concise text is boldly informative for anyone interested in the Art."