“Spinning Wyrd: A Journey through the Nordic Mysteries” by Ryan Smith

"Spinning Wyrd: A Journey through the Nordic Mysteries" by Ryan Smith

"Delve Deeper into Norse Paganism with this Radically Inclusive Approach

Expanding on the progressive ideas and practices in The Way of Fire and Ice, this next-step book teaches you how to tap into the forces of the Nordic cosmos. The greatest of these forces is wyrd, the symphony of life cocreated by all beings, from the humblest plants to the mightiest gods.

Bestselling author Ryan Smith guides you deep into the mysteries, where you'll discover the role of fate, the importance of the Nine Worlds, the Norse concept of the self, and more. Ryan helps you develop direct relationships with animistic powers, commune with the dead, and cultivate your skills in ecstatic trance journeywork. Spinning Wyrd is for practitioners who are looking for more than the basics, who want to master the mysticism of Heathenry and build a better world."